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Look at you…Who is Sandy Redd? Careerwise, I’m a powerhouse singer, songwriter, actress, performer, mentor and business owner looking to change the world through my musical journey.  Personally, I’m a mother to 2 boys, a sister to 7 siblings, and a good friend with a big heart to so many more. I’m not perfect by any means, but I try my best to live my life as an example of what love should look like, treating others the way I’d want to be treated. 

Look Successful…What would you say your Lookprenuer Super Powers are?My Lookprenuer Super Power is “Love”.  I’m designed by God to be a light that shows people that you don’t have to conform in order to be a part of something.  So I feel like we should lead with love in everything that we do.  It changes peoples minds and hearts of how they deal with you and eventually, how they learn to deal with others.  I have so many stories in my career of how people have treated me when first meeting me because of their own personal experiences within the music business.  They feel like they have to follow this sort of “Cut Throat” way of conducting business in order to achieve the path of success.  But once they got to know me, they could visibly see that it didn’t take a mean-girl attitude, a spirit of cockiness, or a history of screwing people over with a crabs-in-a-barrel mentality in order for me to become successful.  And it all starts with a spirit of love, or at least, thats how I think! 

Have you had to make any sacrifices throughout your journey to success?I’ve sacrificed so much to be able to do what I love to do for a living.  The biggest struggle for me was losing everything and becoming homeless, living with friends & family and trying to piece my life back together while still building a music career at the same time.  Its been a long 10+ year process, but I’m so glad that things are finally picking up. 

 Look Real…Sandy Lets talk about the elimination that shocked the world. The day of your last performance on season 15 of The Voice, there was a shooting tragedy in your hometown which interfered with the full airing of your performance. We certainly feel this affected your outcome. What are your thoughts? Honestly, I was heartbroken after hearing about the tragic shooting.  Four lives were lost that night, and that to me was far more important to cover on the news than “The Voice” Live Playoffs.  Unfortunately, because of breaking news of this tragedy on NBC, my entire performance that night was never seen by my biggest voting audience here in Chicago.  At that point, there was a lot of talk of people being unclear on how to vote, so of course, once I was voted off, that caused much speculation as to whether or not it impacted my elimination. Unfortunately, Chicago and surrounding cities have been plagued with violence for a long time that continues to overshadow a lot of the positive things that happen here.  My situation wasn’t the first, and I hate to say, probably won’t be the last piece of positivity affected by violence.  As for my performance that night, although unseen, it was definitely felt and much needed for my city.  I sang “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday” in memory of my late mother, but it certainly carried over to those lives lost, not only on that night but through the city as a whole. 

Look Helpful…Who or What keeps you motivated when you feel disappointed or discouraged? My 2 boys are definitely what keeps me going.  They’re my reasons for living and why I work so hard every day to provide for them.  I also want to be a livingexample for them of what it looks like to follow your dreams and be successful at it.  My mothers legacy is also one of the driving forces behind my career.  She sacrificed so much to give us the gift of music, giving up her own life and a chance at a music career.  So my life’s work is to make sure that the world remembers who she was through the work that I do. 

What advice can you tell other entrepreneurs about the importance of patient and timing? Patience and timing is so important in starting a business but patience comes much easier with something that you’re passionate about. Patience allows for things to be done properly and in order and for things to flourish in its proper timing.  I wanted so badly for music to work right away for me, but I can honestly look back at myself from 8, 5 or even 2 years ago and clearly see now that I wasn’t ready back then for where God is taking me.  I had to experience the rejection, the financial struggles and the disappointments in order to fully appreciate the success.  Not to mention, years ago I wasn’t fully branded as a well put together product.  I knew I had something to offer but I wasn’t presenting it in the best light before.  So had I experienced success back then without the branding aspect in place, I wouldn’t have been as successful as i am now.  So the timing that it happens in definitely goes hand and hand with achieving success at the maximum level. 

Look Truthful… Tell us something most people don’t know about You?This is kinda funny to admit, but super accurate.  I’m afraid of the dark when I’m alone, so I usually can’t sleep without my tv on and my sleep timer set.  Yup…big scaredy cat…LOL!! 

Look Deceitful…What is something that is assumed about you that is far from the truth? People assume that i’m this well put together package that just came out of nowhere overnight, but that is definitely far from the truth. I’ve been pursuing music as a career for over10 years now, and it definitely took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to look like and sound like as an artist.  So I’m far from what you would call an overnight success.  This 10 year journey has been long and hard, but i’m truly thankful for it all and wouldn’t change a thing about it. 

Look Funny…You got to meet and work with some amazing talent while on the voice. Tell us about a funny tv moment during that experience.One of the funniest and most memorable moments that I had on “The Voice” was when I met Mariah Carey.  She was just this amazingly talented icon standing right in front of us and I was losing my mind.  So I finally worked up the courage to ask her for a hug, and of course she says yes because she’s a sweetheart, and her super blinged out, super expensive looking rings get caught all up in my hair.  Talk about leaving an impression…LOL…It took a bit to get it untangled only for us to go back in for another hug later and she gets caught AGAIN!!We laughed it off though.  Thank God they didn’t air that part.  

Did you have any funny encounters while on stage performing?During a performance, I made a mistake and burped while singing a song.  It was too hilarious at the time but I definitely didn’t mean for it to happen.  I played it off pretty good though. 

Look Ahead…What can we expect from you next?I have my “Redd Fever” Tour coming up, set to begin in February 2019 which starts with L.A, as well as my album release concert set to debut in Chicago on April 28, 2019.  So, you guys are gonna get brand new music, a brand new show, and SandRedd on a whole other level!!

You can find Sandy Redd on (FB, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube) @SandyReddMusic

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