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LOOK at Billie Joyner of ABetterWayTravels

Billie always wanted to travel with her family, but found it pretty costly with a family of 5, so she didn’t travel often.
While browsing online, she found a young lady, now mentor, whom she followed online for 6 months (mindset) before deciding to give the travel business a try. When she finally decided to join the business, she became a Certified Travel Consultant with Traverus Global and came up with “Abetterwaytravels” which has been in business for a little over 3 years.

Through her company, she is able to book all of your travel needs under the umbrella of Xstream Travel which has been a debt free business for over 15 years, and is one of the top travel companies around. In addition to booking customized travel experiences, she loves sharing this business opportunity with others. She hopes to teach the benefits of having their own Homebased travel Business, saving on travel, earning extra income, while also gaining a tax shelter, and more!

Her motto is “There’s always A Better Way” Book through me or join me!

”I love traveling and I love saving money! I’m so excited because this company can help me do both!” Said CEO and Founder Nellisa Heath

For questions or more information on starting your own homebased travel business please email

Website is 

Facebook @abetterway2  

Instagram @abetterwaytravels


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