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LOOK at Ebony Shene of My Nurse Incorporated

 Ebony Shene’ is the Founder and CEO of My Nurse Incorporated.  Ebony has been a nurse for 18 years. Compassion driven, Ebony has put in countless hours providing patient care, leading healthcare teams and working in underprivileged areas hoping to help conquer healthcare disparities. Ebony Coined the phrase “The woman who loved her profession so much she branded it.” Nurse Ebony recently started a clothing line for Nurses and Aspiring Nurses to be cute and rep their profession anywhere. Cute and Sporty Nurse Gear that is Comfy to wear OFF WORK! Who says nurses can’t be cute? She’s a true healthcare junkie in a sense with a super vivid imagination. Determined to make her brand the PINK of Healthcare. Most Nurse bearded items contain cool slogans related to healthcare however My Nurse is a brand and. Name that speaks for it itself, in a category of its own and one of the first of its kind. It’s fresh. It’s fun! And it’s cute. Ebony continues to create and have fun while building her brand.

“ My nurse design clothing is so cute and unique I can’t wait to continue to spread the word about this company” said CEO and Founder of The Look Chicago Nellisa Heath

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IG @Mynursedesign


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