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LOOK at Jacki of The Jackie O Experience

Who is Jacki? And what is The Jacki O Experience? As a 27 year old single mother of one, Jacki has always had hustle and drive instilled in her. I stopped working in 2016 and followed my heart and started preparing myself for what I knew I was destined to do.  From a child I’ve always loved clothes, fashion and had my own unique sense of style. I was a “diva” in training. Over the years I was known to be “extra” in my choice of style and because of it people adored me and asked to style them as well.  I’ve always been a stylist but I wanted to own a boutique that made a statement. I wanted my clients who shopped with me to have all eyes on them when they entered the room.  I wanted them to make a statement and to be remembered so I birthed the Jacki O Experience in September of 2018. I gave birth to my company and because of my faithfulness to it I have done numerous of fashion shows, I’ve worked with Chicago’s Fashion Week, I’ve styled a young lady for Oprah’s OWN Magazine ,I am also a stylist for 2 magazines. I’ve been a stylist sponsor for cancer survivor honorees for the Susan G Komen Foundation, I’m an event stylist and prop stylist and has been blessed to be given other great opportunities. We also offer rental services for clients that would love to wear our garments to special events.The Jacki O Experience collection was created to service all shapes and sizes.  The collection is to enhance and to build the self confidence of every queen that wears our collection.  We carry sizes small to 3x. Our custom pieces are works of art and comes to life once it is created. It’s a statement of its own.  Our custom designs allow Jacki to really put her creative skills to work.  We love to break every “fashion rule” and create jaw dropping masterpieces.  Our designs are unforgettable and captivating.  When we create a piece we set out to raise the standards in the fashion world.  We like fashion but we prefer to make a statement with style.  

“ There is only one word that comes to mind when it comes to The Jackie O Experience FABULOUS FABULOUS FABULOUS” said Founder and CEO of The Look Chicago Nellisa Heath

FB: The Jacki O Experience  IG: @boutiqueofboujee Tel:(312)618-9604

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  1. Great story! Fabulous young lady! I have known all of her life!

    I pray much success for her business!!

    The clothes are so very glamorous!


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