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LOOK at Kennesha Valentine of The KCV Collection

Kennesha C Valentine is the owner/creator of The KayCee V Collection. Kennesha is a 29 Year old Wife and Mother. For years she wanted to start something of her own but wasn’t sure how. After going through a numerous amount of breakouts from skin products and lip products, she realized THIS is what she wanted to do.

“I love lipsticks, lipgloss, glitter, etc. but it was so hard to find something that wouldn’t give me an allergic reaction. I could barely apply chapstick without having a breakout. I had to do something!”

Kennesha decided to research and launch her very own cosmetic and skincare line. The day that she was asked to return to work from maternity leave, she launched The KayCee V Collection (April 23, 2018). She took a leap of faith, believed in herself, and never returned to work. The full collection is handmade with Natural, Certified Organic, Plant Based, and Cruelty Free ingredients. 

The KayCee V Collection was made for everyone! Women, Men, and Children. Our goal is to reach EVERYONE across the globe and speak to them through our collection. Our mission is to help people appreciate and accept themselves as they are & to be unapologetic while doing so. 

“Always be You, Unapologetically.”

“I am obsessed with this entire line, I love that she carries so many unique colors that you wouldn’t find at your local retailer” said CEO and Founder of The Look Chicago Nellisa Heath

Facebook- The KcV Collection
Instagram – thekcvcollection 
Customer Service – (312)725.6578
Website –

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