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LOOK at Charmin Edwards of Rocyalox

Charmin has mastered the art of perseverance through her life’s journey. She opened the first Ulta like store in the 80s and then launched her first cosmetic invention on QVC in 1988. She then operated her own lucrative beauty salon in Louisiana in 1989 until it was all destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Displaced, Charmin moved to Chicago brought her latest invention, Rocyalox.

Charmin created Rocyalox after searching and finding nothing that would properly hold her hair. She tried everything, even ribbons. One day while washing her car the ribbon slid out and the only thing available was her car charger. The coils gently wrapped around her braids and she knew she had a winner for ALL hair types, especially curly and braided hair. There has never been anything on the market for natural hair which has made Rocyalox the perfect hair accessory for afro puffs, pigtails and ponytails. ROCYALOX is a unique hair accessory for all types of hair that promotes healthy hair care. This unique hair accessory is designed with soft coils and garnished with decorative characters. This multicultural hair accessory features open ends to allow the hair to fall gently into the soft coils, minimizing hair damage and tangles.

During her business launch, Charmin was hit by another road block. She needed a Kidney Transplant. With her positive spirit and strong belief in GOD, she was blessed with a kidney. While recovering, she launched Rocyalox in several major retail stores. 3 years later she was then diagnosed with a rare skin cancer. She didn’t let that stop her. Rocyalox is now in Wholefoods, The Sugar Beet, Two Cute Consignment and now at Her MOTTO has always been, “Shine Your Light!” Charmin believes if we shine our light we are always doing GODs work and He will help to change the economic dynamic of your life.

“Rocyalox accessories are so cute and unique. They have truly been a better alternative to using rubber bAnds which have torn my toddlers hair out! My girls and I love them!” Said CEO and Founder of The Look Chicago Nellisa Heath

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