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LOOK at Christina King Rogers of Blessed Organic Essentials LLC

Christina King Rogers is the CEO & Founder of Blessed Organic Essentials LLC. She is a beloved Wife, Mother, Visionary, Mentor and Inspirational Speaker.

The story behind Blessed Organic Essentials is a unique one. After, surviving Stage 3 Thyroid Cancer in 2010 the disease took a major toil on Christina’s skin and body, she embarked upon a wellness journey and fully determined to heal transform her self from the inside out, she began creating an “WHOLISTIC” approach to restoring the Mind, Body and Spirit back to excellent restorative health and vitality back to her life.

Her goal is to inspire and empower everyone to learn about the importance of conscious living by creating a healthy skin care regime and to deliver great products to help them to accomplish it.”
You can find B.O.Essentials “Rejuvenating Rose and Geranium Healthy Skincare” products at your Local Chicago Whole Food Market Stores and

“ These products have certainly blessed my face to look and feel more youthful My absolute favorite is the facial mist! It sets my makeup wonderfully!” It’s a must have! Said CEO and Founder of The Look Chicago Nellisa Heath

Facebook- Blessed Organic

Instagram – @b.o.essentials

Twitter- _boessentials

Business 219.209.371

Website –


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