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Maubra Foster was born and raised in Evanston, IL. I currently reside in Skokie, IL for the past 30 plus years.I have been acting for the past 4 years. Im a Registered Nurse (18 years) by day and a Chicago Actress by night. I started out as background extra as a nurse on Chicago Fire in 2015, and then branched off as a real nurse on Chicago Med, Chicago PD, and Empire.

After a year, I decided to get into some acting classes and workshops to further my acting passion. For the past 3 years, I took acting classes with Antoine Mckay of Mckay Arts, who is known as the character Bunkie from the hit show Empire. For the past 4 years, I have played in numerous short films, movies, and have worked with a few celebrities in a couple movies.

Some of the short films I have acted in include, Orphans of God (2015) written by Jayson Bernard , Black Coffree (2015) written by Raul Colon, and a pilot called Craytopia (2016) in various roles. A few of her movies coming out soon are Widows (2018) written by Steven McQueen and starring Viola Davis & Liam Neeson; where I played a Choir member. Soul Sessions (2018) where I played a paramedic, Not another Black Movie (2017) as a church member, Market Value (2017) as a patient. She recently finished filming in two pilots in Chicago called Proven Innocent and The Red Line. Currently, Im playing a detective in a web series movie called Happy Birthday, which is written and directed by Antoine Gomire. Im also playing an commander general in another web series called Sublife, that is written and directed by Nick Andrews. I also landed the role of a commander in another movie filming this summer. I just finished filming another movie called Radio Silence, written and directed by Jon Brunson.

I am also the producer of a Radio/Talk show called On The SCENE. On The SCENE is an internet based radio & talk show which launched March of 2018. I am the producer & Racheal J White is the show host. It airs every Friday at 7pm on the “On The SCENE Facebook page and Instagram page. The show was created to give fellow artists, actors/actresses, film directors/producers, entrepreneurs, singers, authors, etc., a platform to promote their work and get their names out there and noticed. We conduct live Facebook & Instagram interviews not only in the radio studio, but also conduct interviews at movie premieres, plays, & other events.

“Maura and her Partner Rachel covered Press at the January LOOKprenuer Showcase and did an amazing job! Maubra has such a great energy about her that I just love. I look forward to seeing her continued success!”

Facebook: On The SCENE


Twitter: @ONSCENE1


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