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LOOK at Chatonyia Smith of Dazed and Amazed Creationz

Chatonyia Smith is a self professed craft addict. She has a masters degree in social work and has worked in the mental health field for over 20 years. Chatonyia began crafting when her own mental health was challenged after the lost of her fiancé in 2017. She made a wreath for his services that people loved. It was then that Dazed & Amazed Creationz LLC was born.

Her love for all things craft has led her to try her hand at making mirrors, diaper cakes, nicknaks, centerpieces, paper flowers, t-shirts, custom printing, etching and her speciality wreaths. In such a short time her work has been featured on Better Homes and Gardens, Parenting and Real Simple websites. She has created the famous butterfly wreath and working on other unique pieces. Chatonyia wants everyone to know that wreaths aren’t just for Christmas or your front door, they add curb appeal and can be used as wall art. 

Even with the success of Dazed & Amazed Creationz, Chatonyia has a desire to help others. In fact, she wants to develop a program that will help others, that are grieving, diagnosed with a mental illness or having difficulties use crafting another form of therapy. 

“Chatonyia is one of the most talented people that I know! She truly has a gift to create beautiful and unique crafts and Teeshirts! You can find Chatonyia’s work in The Look Chicago’s gift bags each month we are so happy to have her apart of our team!” Said Founder and CEO of The Look Chicago Nellisa Heath

Facebook: 4dacreationz

Instagram: AnDCreationz


Remember “Give her an idea and she’ll make it happen. “

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