LOOK at Lakeesha Poole of Dream Soles Addiction!

My name is Lakeesha Poole and I am the proud owner of Dream Soles Addiction. Dream Soles Addiction is a shoetique that started 5 years ago. We are known for our quality, boldness and unique styles.

The boldness of my company represents who I am in so many ways. I love to stand out and overall love to enjoy life! I grew up on the South Side of Chicago where I was raised by my mother. She was a single mom who provided for both myself and my brother. Although, we didn’t have much she made sure we had what we needed.

Growing up, I was often told that I had a great eye for fashion. I was the friend who would buy what most considered the “ugly” shoes but when I wore them I would receive numerous compliments. I love that I can express my personality through the shoes I wear and teach others to do the same.

“ Dream Soles addiction was featured at our February Lookprenuer showcase. The shoes were absolutely amazing to say the very least! I look forward to purchasing more shoes from this company in the future. Said CEO and Founder of The Look Chicago Nellisa Heath

Website https://dreamsolesaddiction.bigcartel.com/

Instagram @Dreamsolesaddiction

Facebook Dreamsolesaddiction/Facebook

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  1. I am so proud of you I can’t go anywhere when I have on my boots without anyone asking me or sayings to me those are some badass boots where did you get them from who is she I remember when you lives across the hall from me you will wear some of the weirdest things but you would rock them and nobody else will be able to wear it as you did so keep pushing and let God keep guiding you the greatness I’m definitely on your team love you girly


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