Look at LaToya Underwood of Shut up and Strut!

At the age of 15, Latoya Underwood  knew she wanted to become an Entrepreneur . She always  enjoyed working with people… or shall we say the reaction  clients got after being serviced.  At the age of 19, she attended Harry S. Truman college  for Cosmetology  Science.  She began her career assisting  Master Stylist in the Chicagoland area which helped her to become stronger in her craft.

As years went on, Latoya noticed another  need. Clients at the salon were always in need of a blouse, a pair of earrings or any fashion statement for their night out. Most clients would dread going home after a fresh salon visit… especially if they were going out. They desired convenience and Latoya had just the idea to fulfill that need. She began selling small items to her clients, then eventually her coworkers and their clients. Word spread quickly around the community especially to other local salons. As a result,  Latoya would visit other salons to sell hot fashions out of her trunk.

In 2008, she opened  her very  own  Beautique which served as both a hair and clothing salon. This dual service project grew quicker than she could have ever imagined. In 2010, Latoya opened a full clothing Boutique in Forestpark, IL called STRUT. Being a woman of Faith, Latoya who didn’t have much money knew it could be done remembering that FAITH without works is Dead! The store was opened for 8 years, acquired 15 staff members and experienced much success. It was truly an amazing faith journey, as she opened this store with a $2,000 tax refund check. 

LaToya wants to teach others that Entrepreneurship is a faith journey. She now works 1 on 1 with Entrepreneurs,  host business workshops, and Speak Boldly about Entrepreneurship  at Events nationwide! Her motto is start where you are, use what you got and do what you can!!!  For more of Latoya’s journey you can purchase an ebook on Sustainability  in Entrepreneurship!


” I met LaToya 3 years ago when I interviewed her about her journey in starting her first boutique “Strut “ Latoya has such a dynamic personality that resonates with people. I love and appreciate her authenticity and transparency when speaking on both her successes and struggles. It was an awesome experience having her speak for our February LOOKprenuer Showcase.” Said CEO and Founder of The Look Chicago Nellisa Heath

FB @Latoyaunderwood

Instagram @latoyaundereood

For Speaking engagements Email shutupandstrut@gmail.com

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