Look at Pennie of Pennie’s Tea

Pennie’s Tea crafts blended loose leaf teas that are flavorful and healthy.  We have also mastered a ready to drink tea beverageline that are delicious and cold brewed.  Pennie’s creates a tea transformation experience to repair your body from the inside out. While using fresh ingredients from local vendors and farmers with superb fragrance, color and robust taste we create bursting flavors that would explode your customer’s taste buds.  

As a survivor of domestic violence, Pennie’s  utilizing the power of specially-blended tea recipes, Pennie combines the healing potential of her brews with the message that health and wellness can help you heal.  Pennie’s Tea is more than a drink… It’s a movement, transforming the way you experience tea.

“Let me be the first to say I am a fan! What I love most about Pennies Tea is that it didn’t leave that after taste that many teas have. This tea is hands down one of the best teas in the market!” Said CEO and Founder of The LOOK Chicago Nellisa Heath

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